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A sleepy southern town. A real world string of crimes. A series of paranormal events. Two reluctant natives who have returened home must solve the riddle of the evil forces lurking just beyond the town in the swamps. Don't miss this seven book series coming soon!

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In the final years of the American Civil War, a young farm girl finds her world torn apart when a vicious attack leaves her homeless and orphaned. Donning the uniform of a Confederate soldier, she joins the army, posing as a man, in hopes of locating the raiders who killed her parents. Now living as "Andy," she must protect her secret from her own comrades and risk discovery as experiences life on the battlefield, a growing attraction to her commanding officer, and her own journey to come to terms with her loss and her place in a changing society, even as she hunts down her attackers.


Download the first chapter of "The Girl in Grey" here!



A bit delayed, but Robicheaux Bayou 1 is at the publishers and will be ready in the next 3 weeks!



"Girl in Grey" is ready! Head over to Lulu now and get your copy!


Getting ready for NaNoWriMo 2018

With Robicheaux Bayou Book 1 completed last year, and Book 2 nearly finished, I am ready to get started on Book 3 for this year's NaNoWriMo.

Still have work to do!

Book 2 of Robicheaux Bayou, "The Lights of Langlois Landing," is still in draft 1, but almost completed. This has been much fun to write!


While coping with the aftermath of a historic flood that has greatly affected many of my friends and family here in south Louisiana, I realize how unlikely our story will be told, given its abysmal handling by the media. They say if you want something done, do it yourself. So I will. My first nonfiction, "High Black Water," is going to be a work in progress for some time as I record the recovery process down here.

UPDATE 2/11/17:

The book will be called "High Black Water" and has begun! There is much research to do, interviews to take of survivors and volunteers, and photographs to collect. This will be my first nonfiction book!


"RB1: The Loup Garou of Landry Swamp" is back from the editor and in the final stages of publication. Expected release date in March 2017!


New website design goes live!

Thank you for the love and support of my friends and family and fellow authors!



"Girl in Grey" has been revised and is off to the editor for review! Following some proofreads, we should be ready for publication this fall!


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